Quick Fucks: I Think I'm Just Gonna Sit This One Out

Is it wrong to write a post-game analysis while the game is still going on? How can it be wrong when it feels so right?

OK, I’ll admit that secretly I’m hoping that by conceding this one now, the Baseball Gods might make an example of me, making me eat my words here by granting a magnificent Jays comeback.

Somehow I don’t think that’s going to be the case, but for Christ sakes, what the fuck happened?

No, seriously… what happened? I was watching the Raptors.

All I know is, Burnett was staked to a three-run lead and then Bad AJ showed up. What the fuck?

Oh, I see. I see what you’re up to AJ. You just really want to light a fire under Zambrano and McGowan.

What a fucking shit job!

Fuckin’ Eh!
I didn’t have to watch (or listen to Jamie Campbell grasp for things to talk about with fuck all going on for seven innings).

What the Fuck?
How the fuck is it that the Jays are so shitty against Cleveland? And how the fuck could they not get through 8 innings in less than two-fucking-hundred pitches???