The F-Word and S-Word

Fire sale?

According to Paul Hagen of the Philadelphia Daily News: maybe.

He reports scouts from the Phillies, Braves, Dodgers and Orioles organizations respectively, have been eyeing the Jays lately.

And because they were working, those four poor bastards probably had to sit through the every last pitch of these last few epic ballgames. Talk about getting the shit end of the stick. I’d have rather skewered both my balls with a rusty hypodermic needle than sit through the entirety of those fucking shit storms.

OK, well, actually the Jays have kind of achieved a level of dysfunction that’s actually pretty hilarious if you can ignore how much you are stabbing yourself on the inside. So the games haven’t been all bad.

Anyway, yeah… fire sale, huh? That would be pretty cool. After all, we have learned that it’s easier to acquire hitting when you need it than it is pitching (isn’t it, JP????). Maybe a Glaus, Thomas, Stairs, Overbay, Clayton or a Rios could fetch us some hot young thing.

Ooohh! It would be like Christmas at Blanche Devereaux’s house!

Granted, all Hagen says is “it’s unknown whether Toronto will conduct a fire sale, but the Phillies, Braves, Dodgers and Orioles are among teams who have had scouts at recent Blue Jays Games.”

Hmmmm. So I guess that’s um… a touch speculative. But it beats writing about another fucking loss… or another upcoming loss.