I'm Not Sure What to Think Anymore

OK, so… I mean, the Jays finally fucking won. Right? That’s good.

But now there’s this injury shit with Doc Halladay and the Wizard of Glaus.

I’m still in a pretty cynical mood, I think, because my immediate reaction is that the Halladay appendectomy is horse shit and Glaus has probably just given up on playing hurt for the rest of this miserable year.

Halladay has been brutal in his last two starts, and there were some unnerving comments in the local papers about him having problems with his mechanics. Glaus, on the other hand, heard or felt “a pop in there”.

I guess they can’t lie about the Glaus thing, because everybody saw him limp off– and holy fuck, was he ever pissed. By everybody I, of course, mean the 8,000 people who were there to watch the Jays and Devil Rays last night (announced attendance: 20,000) and the approximately 14 people who watched on TV.

Halladay though, that could totally be a fucking load.

Do you see what happens when you lie, JP? Now we can’t trust a single thing you say, and are forced into wild speculation on what’s really going on. Is that really what you wanted?

The Jays current #2 starter goes this afternoon– Dustin McGowan.