Idiots Let Boston and Detroit Have First Crack at Jays Single Game Tickets

What the fucking fuck is this? I have to be perfectly honest with you, I heard that the Jays ticket situation was going great guns and figured that was pretty much the end of the story. I didn’t pay much attention to the articles about it, and now I’m discovering that they’re actually selling some single game tickets in Boston and Detroit before we can get our hands on them. Well, fuck you very much, assholes.

OK.. so discovering might not be the right word. It’s not like I had to dig through trash to find out (it was on the Globe’s website and the Tao’s, not the Sun’s– zinger!). But seriously, what the fuck is this??? I understand that it must be hell being Kevin Elster’s brother, so I guess having the odd urge to cry out for attention is somewhat understandable, but this is not the fucking way! Does this little scheme not make the whole operation look a little pathetic?

I mean, I can think of only two groups with every right to be pissed by this: Jays fans and Jays players. Once again, good jaerb, fuckfaces.

I understand that the team wants to sell tickets, but man… it’s dispiriting enough when you feel outnumbered by the visiting team’s fans in your own building. At the very fucking least they should be handling visiting fans the way they do in Europe– by throwing batteries at them. But also by putting them all in their own sections.

Now, I realize that it’s a little more necessary over there, but giving these people the idea that we welcome them to come up here for a fucking little picnic is such horseshit. What better way to send the message that they are nothing but ticket sales to be exploited than by having them cordoned off in their own little part of the stadium and then trucking the old troughs from Maple Leaf Gardens and making them piss in those. Do you hear me, Elster?

We’ve already heard grumblings from the players about the apathetic Rogers Centre crowd, so I can only imagine how well this is going to be received. And not to sound like a Dick (Griffin), but if you’re trying to build the game in this city, why the hell would you be so accommodating to fans elsewhere? Long term, doesn’t it make sense to create a better experience for Toronto fans? I mean, I’m not naive enough to think that blatant cash grabs like this aren’t going to happen, but one wonders if they’re maybe doing more harm than good.

And don’t think the fact that word of this move came directly after the State of the Franchise is lost on us. Must be nice that none of these tricky questions got in the way of that festive little shindig, eh fucks?

UPDATE: Someone has left a comment on Blair’s blog post about it saying that subscribers to the Jays e-newsletter also have the same access. Does this make a difference to anybody?