What the Hell is Going On?!?

What the fuck? The Jays fire Gibbons and bring back Cito Gaston.

Um… OK. Why?

Better yet: why the fucking fuck?

Well, I can think of a few reasons– none of which endear me to this GM, this ownership, or this shitty franchise.

For starters, hey! Nobody’s talking about the GM’s ridiculously unprofessional shiting on Adam Dunn the other day anymore, are they? Yeah, the timing here isn’t transparent at all, JP, you fucking moron. Nobody was ever going to notice that you took the heat off yourself by trying to create a feel-good story.

For seconds, hey! Everybody likes Cito! Am I wrong? It’s not at all a joke that this franchise would pathetically try to bribe its fan base into having restored interest in the team by trying to capture a piece of its long-passed glory years.

I’m sure JP will say all the right things about it being a time for a change, and Cito being overdue for getting work again, but he’s an arrogant idiot if he thinks he can pull the wool over this city’s eyes like that.

And, don’t get me wrong, I think Cito’s great. I won’t shit on Cito just because the man who put him in charge thinks that this city is full of idiots who won’t see through this transparent bullshit. But this is clearly a pathetic last gasp from a GM who, if we didn’t already think it, just himself gave us the clearest evidence that his time in Toronto is up.

I almost posted this sentiment the other day– in fact, I’ve almost posted a lot of things lately, but haven’t had the wherewithal because of how completely disinterested I’ve become in this team– but I don’t think that firing the manager is going to have the desired effect, for JP, of keeping his ass out of the fire. This kind of cheap shit calculated nonsense is not going to go over– at least, not if we, or anyone with half a brain has anything to do with it. Hahaha– Griffin and his boner for nostalgia must be so torn!

And Arnsberg stays through all this? Why?

I know, I know, everybody gives him a tonne of credit for how the pitching has done, but that’s just it… is the credit warranted? Have you watched McGowan lately? Do you remember who his “prized pupil” is? The one who sucks bag?

Haha. And Keith Law just said on the Fan that Arnsberg “was introduced to me by Ricciardi as, this is the guy who’s going to get us Burnett.”

That’s another part of the decision that’s knee-deep in cowing to public perception. Arnsberg is a PR plus, so he stays. Ridiculous. Transparent. Bullshit.

Worst of all, the morons pulling all the strings here are the guys who are still in charge of the team, and still have the ability to go out and desperately flail about the trade market, making panic moves to save their jobs?!!?!? Gibbons, despite what a chorus of morons will maintain, was far from the problem with this team– and if Gaston fails to turn things around, it’s going to expose JP real quick. So… why don’t they all (save for the pawns in this amateur PR game, Cito and Gibbers, both of whom I wish well) just fuck off. For the good of the franchise, get rid of these idiots now. Please, Uncle Teeder. This is painfully obvious horseshit.