Saturday morning beer shits and giggles: Jays send Marcum south of Steeles

Hey there, sorry for the lateness. It’s hardly morning anymore but I am hungover to hell. If you’re watching the game right now then you probably have a bit of a woody going on for Wells’ spectacular catch in the third inning. But you probably also know the news that Shaun Marcum has been sent down to AAA. For real.

Now sure, Marcum kinda shit the bed against the Red Sox in yesterday’s game, but it’s not like it was that terrible. While I don’t think the Jays camp has commented on the move but Alan “Sure I’ll do an interview with you guys just call me after I check out of the hotel” Ashby said there must be some other issues factoring in on this besides his pitching. Or maybe he didn’t say that and I just imagined it in my hungover state. But then I guess I’m starting a rumour. Which isn’t a bad thing.

John Parrish is being called up in his place and while I always thought Parrish deserved more of a shot here, I don’t quite understand what’s going on here. I mean, isn’t Marcum supposed to be our No. 2 next year?

My head hurts.