Hazy Sunday: We can do it!

Holy fuck me that was awesome! For the second time in a week, we absolutely fucked up the Boston Red Sox beyond belief. With that win we’re now 7 games behind those dicks for the wildcard. But this could all be confused by those other Sox (the white ones) who are threatening to take that lead and make us wish we’d paid better attention in math class.

But seriously, the way we played yesterday was just so fucking gold. With everybody firing on all cylinders, it was just one of those games where you are completely happy with everything on this team. For example, Wells looked like he’s actually worth that shitload of cash we forked out for him. And Jose Bautista seems like an absolutely amazing pickup. But then why can’t it always be like this (or at least, more consistently so?).

I know Wilner was fielding some calls about team determination yesterday and explaining how essentially baseball is not a sport where you can will yourself to win. And I guess that’s true. But I could never think that way. This team needs to go on a fucking tear and every game that they drop is due to the fact that they’re a bunch of lazy shits who don’t care about baseball. Strangely, going out for drinks last and staying up till 4 a.m. did little to improve my hangover from Friday.

Go Jays.