Fuck Monday

Oh man, I realize I’m probably in the minority here but I really don’t like Monday mornings. They’re even worse with knowing that there won’t be a Blue Jays game tonight to help block out the voices in my head for a few hours. And they’re even worse the day after a complete heartbreaker loss.

The Jays lost it in the 11th inning in a game that kinda felt like the most important game the Blue Jays have ever played in the team’s history. I guess it wasn’t. I mean, even if we won it’s not like we’re making the postseason anyway. But I think I could’ve kidded myself that we could do it had we won. But with yesterday’s loss, I’d say we’re officially fucked now. It won’t be until we get a win against Tampa Bay in the next series that you could convince me otherwise.

The best thing about yesterday’s game was the reader commentary throughout the game. Serious nails. Reading all of them last night broke my heart all over again. I recommend Cito Gaston prints that out and puts it up in the clubhouse to remind the Jays that there are some pretty passionate baseball fans in this city who live and die with the best of ‘em. If that doesn’t put a tear in their eye and inspire a 10-game winning streak, they’re fucking robots.

Marcum has an attitude, we just don’t know for sure if it’s good or bad

Despite my head nearly caving in on Saturday, I guess I heard Ashby correctly in that there are speculations that Marcum’s demotion to AAA had something to do with North of Steeles being a bit of a bitch.

Wilner commented on the situation, saying that Marcum “always seemed loose and relaxed to me, but there are whispers that his britches have been getting kind of small, as it were.”

But Cito Gaston is denying the move has anything to do with ‘tude and that it’s more about getting the “old Marcum” back.

Believe or conspire what you will, or just look at the picture to the left and ponder whether this looks like the kind of person who could have a bad attitude.

Podcast will return

Speaking of attitude, because Burger King’s The Score has been unable to fulfill the very reasonable demands of our rider, including an in-studio hot tub, some reasonably attractive female models, 72 bottles of Cristal and a box of Cookie Crisp, we’re a bit delayed with podcast this week. But I’m pretty sure we’ll be able to work something out and have it for you soon.

OK, Parkes and Stoeten were really just out of town yesterday and we’re looking to record it sometime this week. But now that rider nonsense kinda has me thinking … … Joe, any way we can make this happen?