Jays Claim Burres, DFA Thigpen

Yeah, so the Jays have claimed Brian Burres, who was DFA’d by the O’s this week after they acquired Rich Hill for nothing. Shrewd maneuvering, Jays. Burres, according to the CP story, because I’m too lazy to even bother looking it up on Baseball Reference, “went 7-10 with a 6.04 ERA in 31 games for Baltimore last year, 22 of them starts.”

To make room for this shitbag, Curtis Thigpen was designated for assignment. The article claims that Thigpen was “once viewed as Toronto‚Äôs catcher of the future,” but I can’t for the life of me remember when that was. Too much booze, I guess. Was it sometime between when Guillermo Quiroz stopped being the catcher of the future and Robinzon Diaz started? I think so. Anyway, I’m going to throw down a big meh on this one. Thigpen just didn’t hit at AAA last year, and with Brian Jeroloman and Aaron Cibia rising fast, you know… meh.

I can’t help but question, though, how the O’s wind up with Hill for a PTBNL and the Jays have to ditch Thigpen– not that he had any value– to scoop up Baltimore’s shit. I mean, I’m usually pretty quick to jump to the defense of Ricciardi, but isn’t an off-season where your team’s got no money– or is slashing payroll– exactly when your GM should be going balls out to put his skills on display? And this is what we get? Either those balls have been cut right fucking off, or JP is dropping them. Either way, this has something to do with testicles. I’m sure of it.

But hey, at least this means Michael Barrett!