Marty York Cut Back?

Honestly, I can’t come on here and gloat about something like this– I’m not that much of an asshole, plus we’ve just lost a great source of material, if it’s true– but a little bird told me that Marty York has been let go by Metro due to cutbacks.

No, seriously, I can’t be happy about this. In case you haven’t noticed, it’s a rough economy out there, and ad revenues that are the first to be cut in times like these drive the newspaper business– it’s in real trouble. This goes beyond whose reporting you like, or whatever MSM vs. blogger animosity there is. Let’s not cheer as journalism as we know it goes up in flames– it’s kinda important.

As for Marty, let’s just say that I know what I thought of most of Yorks “sources”, and you know what we thought of most of them too– but let’s also not forget that Marty was bang on about Cito coming back last season, and we were dead wrong. So who’s to say who’s a hack and who’s a drunk blogger with his head up his ass, you know? And fuck, maybe it’s not even true. I just publish every unsubstantiated rumour that anyone emails me– try it!– so who the fuck knows? If it is true, though, I genuinely hope Marty lands on his feet– just maybe somewhere with just a touch more accountability. More likely though, it will be the internet, so, as I think I’ve just clearly demonstrated, all bets are totally and completely off.

Hmmmm… you know… I wonder if this is a good opportunity to expand the DJF empire while some big names are out there for cheap?

Nah, better just get the books in order and wait until next year, eh?

I’ll keep my eyes out to see whether or not this actually, you know, true, or if its just a pile of steaming bullshit.