Shit On This, Parkes

This afternoon, when speaking with assembled media (like here in the Star– or with some expanded quotes in the Sun), Cito Gaston had a few interesting things to say about his one-time pitcher, Roger Clemens– who according to upcoming DJF podcast guest Jeff Pearlman’s new book The Rocket That Fell To Earth, hand-picked Cito’s successor after his first season in Toronto, and possibly helped engineer Cito’s firing.

And by interesting I, of course, mean, fucking ridiculously badass and amazing.

“He’s an asshole himself. A complete asshole,” Gaston said with a chuckle. “And I’ll say that loud, right in his face. It was all about him. Ain’t about nobody else but him.”

“When he’s pitching, everyone’s in the dugout pulling for him, but when he’s not pitching he’s not in the dugout,” Gaston said. “I didn’t feel like he supported his teammates as much as he wanted support.”

“Him and I had some words at one time and I still regret to this day that I didn’t get right up in his face and challenge him,” Gaston said. “It was one time he felt like I had left Pat Hentgen in a game too long. Now you ask Pat Hentgen what he thinks of him. It isn’t too good, either.

Gaston heard of Clemens’ complaint about Hentgen second-hand. Had Clemens voiced his complaint directly, Gaston vows “one of us would have had a whooping that day. It might have been me, but he would have known I was there.”

Gaston did raise the issue with Clemens and when he asked him about it, Gaston said Clemens responded: ‘What do you want to do?’

“And I said, What do you mean ‘What do I want to do?’

“And he said, ‘Do you want to stay? Or do you want to leave?’ ”

The clear intimation was that Clemens felt he had so much pull that he held Gaston’s fate in his own hands.

Awesome, awesome, awesome! (Also, wow, Clemens is a fucking dick. But I guess we knew that.)

Now, sorry to say, that doesn’t change anything we talked about yesterday, but it does make Cito pretty much the most unquestionably fucking nails person to ever mismanage a bullpen– and twice the man any pussy blogger could ever hope to be. (Happy now, fucks?)