Hazy Sunday Threat: I want those hours of my life back

For fuck’s sakes, for real? Series sweep against the Phillies only to drop the first two games to the fucking Nationals? And both in extra fucking innings? What do you even say about a game like yesterday’s? It’s too painful to recall the details. (Is it just me or are the BJ Ryan appearances almost as awesomely entertaining as they are frustrating to watch?)

Now, I love fucking watching the Jays play. Don’t get me wrong. If I knew for a fact that the Jays were going to lose every remaining game of the season, I’d still probably tune in for 60-70% of the games. For two reasons: 1) Like I have anything fucking better to do 60-70% of the time. 2) Um, the first reason.

So I’m wondering why I keep losing my fucking mind for every loss that happens. I’m really far closer to the thoughts of the commentors who totally lose their shit with every play. In fact, there were numerous times I tried to post yesterday only by the time my wheel of death had stopped spinning, the play was a good five minutes past and some other atrocity had happened (I can’t believe that Blogger has made me hate Macs and has me contemplate buying a PC). I’m wondering if my absolutely ridiculous reaction to these losses is more a product of realizing that the time I spend watching these games could be spent in learning a new trade of sorts to better my life rather than sitting on my ass drinking beer and wishing I had a giant bag of Cheetos to devour.

(It also didn’t help that this game dragged more and more past the time I had promised to watch a movie with my girlfriend — and couldn’t seem to pry myself from the game, making me feel eerily close to the shitbag boyfriend who’ll just lie on the couch like a drunken slob asking his girlfriend to get him a beer and telling her we’ll watch “Legally Blonde 4″ some other time. Is this what the future holds?)

Anyways, I’m back in for another game and putting all my faith in Romero to get some rise out of our bats today so we get this shit back on track. Go Jays, and don’t waste my fucking time.
Toronto Blue Jays (37-33)

M. Scutaro ss
A. Hill 2b
V. Wells cf
S. Rolen 3b
A. Lind lf
A. Rios rf
L. Overbay 1b
R. Barajas c
R. Romero p

Washington Nationals (20-46)

C. Guzman ss
N. Johnson 1b
R. Zimmerman 3b
A. Dunn lf
A. Kearns rf
A. Gonzalez 2b
W. Harris cf
J. Bard c
S. Martis p

Oh yeah, and speaking of putting baseball ahead of other matters, almost forgot to wish all fathers out there a very happy day.

Special Russ Adams Update!!!

With special thanks to Rolenupanotherone in the comments for reminding me that there was actually stuff to write about other than my own self-deprecating lackluster qualities as a boyfriend, the Jays have sent down Joe Inglett and replaced him with Russ Adams. No, seriously.

No word yet on if Adams will actually be added in the rotation (heyo!). I don’t know, wasn’t something else supposed to coincide with this kind of news. Something like the end of the world or hell freezing over or something like that? Anyways, welcome back, Russ, I know at least Aaron Hill will be happy to see you. Looking forward to routine throws to first nowhere near first.