Boners Up: DJF 2009 Podcast #12 (Guest: Leon Boyd)


Hup! It’s another episode of the podcast, this time with Parkes so deep in the bush—no, not like that– after a couple aborted attempts to get his piece of shit phone to work, Justin and I had to go it alone. (Fingers crossed.)

But fear not, as usual, we were saved by our guest. This time it was New Hampshire Fisher Cat, member of the Dutch team that twice stunned the Dominican Republic at the WBC, and blogger, Leon Boyd.

As always, the podcast is available at The Score, or through iTunes.

Musical accompaniment: Wilco Can’t Stand It, Guns N’ Roses Shadow Of Your Love, Curtis Mayfield Superfly, Primus Puddin Time, Deep Purple Space Truckin’, Stone Roses Elephant Stone