Gotta At Least Ask The Question

Damien Cox’s latest piece on baseball at his Toronto Star blog brings up an unpopular question.

And for the following unpopular question, blame plagiarism in the mainstream media and all the nonsense it has spewed over the past decade.

Don’t blame me.

When it comes to Damien Cox, how is it that as he approaches his 49th birthday, he’s suddenly become a more prolific writer at The Toronto Star?

Chance? Healthy living? Diet? Better computer? Comfortable office chair?

Anyone reading about the Dave Fuller citation case this week, which of course brings up all of journalism’s tawdry plagiarism history, should at least be willing to wonder about Cox’s sudden transformation into a prolific wordsmith.

This is a writer, don’t forget, who in addition to writing a column for the Toronto Star, also works on a blog at the newspaper’s website and contributes to both and The Hockey News, all while finding time to appear as a regular on TSN’s The Reporters and That’s Hockey.

It’s a wonder that with all of his writing that Cox has the time to go down to the hockey arena or the baseball park and ask the tough questions that inform his tough opnions.

It’s quite a story, huh?

Makes one remember Stephen Glass, who went from a young writer at The New Republic to a rising star of journalism over a three year period.

Things happen in writing, I guess.

The great news for Cox is that the more visible he remains to the public, the better chance he has of publishing another book. That would motivate any writer to find a way to get his name out there.

The newspaper industry, we know, has quietly become known as a bit of a nest for alleged plagiarists over the years. Zachary Kouwe wrote for the New York Times. Gerald Posner has been implicated. Ditto for Mike Barnicle.

And now comes Cox. Toronto Star readers will, of course, angrily respond to the suggestion that everything isn’t on the up-and-up.

Maybe Damien Cox is just one of the great individual stories in journalism this season. This could be his career year, and he could deserve nothing but credit and praise.

But the fact is that the newspaper industry’s history, and the Nixonian way in which publishers have chosen to deal with the issue over the years, should compel any intelligent person to wonder when a writer suddenly starts producing more content than he ever has in his career.

Toronto Star fans won’t like it. But you’ve got to at least ask the question when it comes to Damien Cox.

For the fact that we do, blame newspapers.

  • Kursk


  • Butch Goring’s Helmet

    tabler also likes the BIG STRONG guys. the guy is seriously gay..not that there is anything wrong with that. just come out the closet pat and be who you are

  • dascual

    OH SHIT it’s Chunk.

  • j-dilla

    I want that kid to die yesterday.

  • Butch Goring’s Helmet

    that fat kid might actually be muhammad ali as a child

  • Butch Goring’s Helmet

    or randy ruiz bastard child conceived with a townie

  • dascual

    If you’re questioning the intelligence of #annoyingfatkidatfenway, consider the fact that he’s wearing a ball glove…Sitting behind a cage

  • Otto

    Cito giving Overbay the green light on a 3-0 count. Brilliant.

  • spaz

    this is awful. what’s the count for runners left on base now?

  • Butch Goring’s Helmet

    mr patience lyle overbay swinging 3-0 when you are down three and only one guy is on? can someone explain this to me?

  • tom brown


    Haven’t even glanced at the comments since I got tired of the bullshit back in the spring, but feel duty-bound to do so now.

    1. Great post. Just fucking perfect.
    2. Read the comments on the Star’s merkin? My jaw dropped both at the uniformity of criticism and the level of literacy displayed.
    3. WTF? Comments here are back to awesome. Great job getting rid of the fucksticks.

  • Raymond

    Nice nose mining, asshole.

  • Butch Goring’s Helmet

    more tabler gems.

    “for a big man he has a good eye”

    i didnt realize vision and size were correlated, unless you are so fat that your cheeks begin to close your eyes, like the kid behind the palte

  • Butch Goring’s Helmet

    weird how the sox have scored 4 runs with two outs..and the jays cant score one run despite getting the leadoff hitter on almost every inning. suck much?

  • Kursk

    The amount of pitches fit to hit on full counts, 2-2, 1-2 is too high..the Jays are getting whacked with too many runs scored with 2 outs..

  • dascual

    Pat Tabler is so smart, take away the Red Sox games and Toronto has a pretty good record in the East.

    WOW but we get to keep the Oriole wins? Bonus.

  • Kursk

    The big man wanted a piece there….

  • Douchenkrantz

    Horrible roadtrip for Snider. He’s been unable to layoff offspeed junk outside the zone and the fastballs he’s getting down the pipe he’s swinging through. He didn’t look great in the outfield either. I wouldn’t send him to AAA but I would like to see him play everyday so he can iron out whatever is the problem. Hopefully (though unlikely) losing 2 out of 3 to the Sox gets it through Cito’s thick head that winning isn’t a priority this year. Player development is.

  • Raymond

    I was hoping Friday’s beat down represented a shift in the relationship of the two ball clubs. Nope, more of the same. Really pathetic.

  • dumbfatkid


    I was praying that a foul ball would hit that fuckin kid in the face and all I’d here was crying instead of his annoying comments

  • Scott

    haha this is priceless. Great work.

  • Scott

    haha this is priceless. Great work.

  • Bart

    The thing that pisses me off is how does Pujols become immune from speculation year in year out? If he was white and had puke blond hair, he would look exactly like Mcguire did when he was juicing.

  • allisauce

    Frasor’s moved up to a Type A.

  • Garafraxaguy

    That is not good. They need to throw his ass out there to give up some more runs/walks/hits, anything to knock him back to a type B.

  • Pat_Tabler

    ….Snider is shtrooong.

  • Fallen Leafs

    Be nice to Pujols. Not fair picking on the elderly.

  • Bubbles

    fuck 4 more years of wells. I remember 10 years ago I was saying 4 more years of raul mondesi. my whole life has been spent waiting for contracts to expire.

  • Guest

    hahhaha good call, i was thinking that too

  • Guest

    this post is perfect, btw

  • Bubbles

    told you so, the jays can’t beat anybody except baltimore. what a joke this team is.

  • fishlungs

    This post makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside

  • Guest

    FOAD man

  • Gary

    Yeah man, like ahhhhhh, I’m Brendan and I’m cool because I know all kinds of online euphemisms man. I’m going to spend my entire ahhhh day at work tomorrow defending Mike and my favorite little sports team man.

  • xethicx

    How many of you guys wanna bet that fat little fucktard was some super rich fucks kid or grandkid etc and no one said shit because of who his daddy/grandpa is.

    Either way, what a horseshit game, I guess it could have been worse, it could have ended with a Jed Lowrie shot to dead center which would have fallen under the category of “fuck my life”.

    I will give the fuck little shit one thing, he did have some good chirps hah, too bad they were negated by the fact that he never shut up.

  • Douchenkrantz

    I sure hope that’s an acronym for “fuck off and die”.

  • isabellareyes

    How long before Wells becomes the world’s most expensive bench player? The guy can’t hit and he can’t run far and he’s no longer a defensive whiz. OK, I know, the contract is huuuuge. But either part-time dh him or bench him next season. He kills far too many rallies just to be allowed to run out there. I don’t care how much money he makes.

    As for the Cox article, did he make those accusations about BJ Ryan? Who, I gotta say, must have lost a quarter of his body mass between 2008 and 2009. I think that guy’s an appropriate target. I haven’t noticed Bautista bulk up any. And he hit 10 home runs last September after hitting maybe a dozen all season long. Either the juice kicked in right quick or Cito Gaston was telling the truth about altering his timing and making a difference to his swing.

  • Guest

    nobody as bored as you could possibly be happy..i bet you end up killing yourself

  • Guest

    haha opposed to what?

  • mike_digs

    Great post. It’s during a week like this that I really miss the CoxBloc.

  • trillemdafoe

    Some financials for a few teams. Pittsburgh operating at a loss. Huge shocker with that shit team.

  • guest.

    Anyone notice Griffin’s Blog about “having to ask the question” on Andyrchuck’s (sp?) career. Nice….

  • dascual


  • meanguygary

    Kudos to Griff & of course Cox has ‘responded’ in a typically weak fucking way.

  • manitou1

    Brilliant post.

    “…and here’s Bautista in the on deck circle taking a few practice Damien Cox’s…”