Pw/oC: Duquette Story Still Simmering

OK, one comment: Buster suggests that Baltimore would be well within their rights to ask for a huge compensation. As in one or two of Stroman, Sanchez, Norris, Hoffman, Pentecost, or Urena, he says. Good luck!

Brief Sketches Of Mediocre Relievers


The Jays need relief help, and the market keeps shrinking. Alex Anthopoulos has said that he’s looking to the trade market to add guys who might be able to help his bullpen, but one assumes — or at least hopes — that he’s referring to guys who could offer late-inning help, rather than the kind of depth pieces needed to flesh out a well-rounded unit.

Or maybe he does just mean mediocre guys! If so, though, I’m not sure it’s necessary, because there are a whole lot of possibilities out there for a club looking to add a reliever who is just… meh. Or who probably will end up like that, while possibly offering a little upside — and, most likely, downside.

MLB Trade Rumors has a still-large list of available relievers, and for some reason I’ve decided to go through them — or, specifically, the right-handed ones (of the non-closer variety), as the Jays certainly need those more than they do left-handers, with Brett Cecil and Aaron Loup already on the staff.

So here we go! All the right-handed relievers still on the market — minus Dustin McGowan and Sergio Santos, who I think we have a pretty good idea about, and also the guys MLBTR lists as closers (Casey Janssen, who we also know, K-Rod and Rafael Soriano, who I wrote about here, and Jason Grilli, who is better than anybody listed below). Brian Wilson isn’t included either, but I assume we don’t care about that.

The numbers listed for each pitcher below are their ages, their 2014 velocity, 2014 strikeout- and walks-per-nine rates, and innings pitched. I didn’t look stupidly deep or anything, so I’m sure I’ve missed stuff in the write-ups…

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AA Speaks, Part II: On Toritani


As I covered in the previous post, Alex Anthopoulos popped up on the Fan 590 this morning, chatting with Jeff Blair about the off-season so far. Apart from the nuggets about payroll discussed, it was pretty typical Anthopoulos fare, save for one thing: he actually acknowledged that the club has interest Japanese infielder Takashi Toritani.

Obviously that jibes with all of the reports we’ve been hearing out of Japan, it’s just… he doesn’t usually get specific like that. Perhaps the fact that Toritani wasn’t previously property of another MLB club is why? Whatever the case, here’s what he said:

“We’ve scouted him quite a bit. We have some scouts that like him. And he’s someone that we’ve certainly talked about internally. Beyond that, I probably wouldn’t get into anything else. But certainly a guy like that would fit; we do have an opening from an everyday second base job, and we certainly haven’t hidden the fact that we’re open to try and bring in some guys either to compete or to give them that job, because we really don’t have someone that we can anoint, at this time, the everyday player there. So a guy like Toritani is definitely someone that we’ve talked about, we’ve scouted.”

Moments later he adds, “There’s certainly truth to the fact that we’ve had talks.”

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