Heyman: Morrow Drawing Interest As A Starter


I get asked about why the Jays don’t just bring back Brandon Morrow to help their bullpen just about every day, which is kinda strange for a question with such a clear, simple answer: he wants to start.

Sorry for the lecturing (not really), but that’s sort of the thing about free agency. Players have a choice in where they want to go, and what kind of situation they want to be in. For Morrow, as for all pitchers, there’s more money in being a starter than a reliever, and even more money than that if he gets a rotation spot somewhere and has himself a healthy, 2012-like campaign.

Jays fans might scoff at the idea of Morrow banking on his health, but if someone’s willing to pay him and give him the opportunity, it’s not really about him banking on anything. His stuff will still be there next year, most likely. His chance to submit to being a reliever will still be there. He won’t turn 31 until the end of July.

So, the idea that he would just give up on the dream of starting — and of drawing a starter’s paycheque — as some sort of a gift to his former employers and their weak bullpen? It just doesn’t make sense.

Especially because of this:

So… there’s that.

Image via James G./Flickr