Gibbons: Club Still Looking For A Starter, Melky Not Ruled Out


John Gibbons did a spot on MLB Network Radio today, and if I’d heard it, I might have actually made a full post about it sooner. That’s because he apparently made at least a couple interesting comments, judging by what was tweeted at me by a couple folks who did happen to listen.

I was just going to include this in a post about all of the evening’s rumblings, as normally I’d prefer to have heard the quotes — and the context — for myself before passing it along, but if they’re being quoted accurately here (and I have no reason to think they aren’t), they’re definitely post-worthy.

That idea fits what I was hearing after the Saunders trade went through, and also, obviously, makes a tonne of sense. Even another guy like Marco Estrada, who can operate out of the bullpen and be stretched out if needed (while being, y’know, better than Todd Redmond) would be fine. Though I’ve been hesitant to say so — because I do worry about his development — maybe even Aaron Sanchez fits that bill, as long as the Jays are aware that they really don’t want to keep him in the bullpen for too long.

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Winter Meetings Monday Night: AA Speaks! (Gibbers Too!)


As is tradition during the Winter Meetings, Alex Anthopoulos scrummed with reporters this evening in San Diego, offering… well… not a whole lot. Not that he ever does. But there are still some tidbits worth taking a look at.

  • Ben Nicholson-Smith tweets that Anthopoulos said there was one free agent that the Blue Jays wanted who actually ended up going elsewhere. “But it didn’t even get to the point of having to make an offer,” the GM said, according to a Gregor Chisholm tweet, “because he really wanted to play in a certain place.” Based on what we’ve heard so far this winter, that’s got to be Victor Martinez, right.

Strange that the Jays would have been so interested in Martinez — a switch-hitting DH/1B who can (very rarely) catch — given the fact that they’ve gone completely the other way with the DH and first base positions. They’re now seemingly keen on playing Edwin Encarnacion at DH — with some days at first for him, when Jose Reyes, Jose Bautista, or Russell Martin moves to DH — with some combination of Justin Smoak, Danny Valencia, or even Chris Colabello (who, as I wrote earlier, has some intriguing upside) at first. But I’m sure that V-Mart is who he means.

  • Gregor adds that Anthopoulos reiterated that he doesn’t have any offers out to free agents at the moment. Of course, he didn’t have an offer to Martinez, either. Doesn’t mean they don’t have interest.
  • Could be posturing, could be genuine, but Gregor tweets that Anthopoulos says that the Dioner Navarro situation remains as it’s always been: they’re looking to move him, but they won’t give him away. He doesn’t make the market sound particularly robust, either.

“We’re a better team with Dioner Navarro,” Anthopoulos adds. “There’s no doubt about it.”

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