Welcome To AndrewStoeten.com!

Welcome to our new home! Weird, huh? Well, get used to it. But keep in mind that there really won’t be much to get used to, other than a new URL (which both DrunkJaysFans.com and blogs.thescore.com/djf will be redirecting to by the end of the week), a new name, and a bit of a different look. There will be a few ads on the site that you’ll see eventually — they will never be intrusive, so please do me a solid exclude this domain from your adblocker, and please feel free to contact me at stoeten@gmail.com if you’d like to advertise — and a few new bells and whistles, but the content will be entirely the same. Actually, I hope to make it even better, and am thrilled to now have regained much more control over how my site looks, feels, and works. So please feel free to contact me any time about what is working, what isn’t working, and what you’d like to see added to the new site here at AndrewStoeten.com.

Please be sure to follow @AndrewStoeten on Twitter in order to see when fresh content is posted to the site, and stay tuned here for other social media avenues to use in the days ahead. See below for the text of my “farewell” message from over at DJF, which includes some other important links and pieces of information, if you’ve yet to see them. Full credit to Guerilla Rabbit for the site art. Apologies for being silent or coy during this process, though I’m sure you understand. Sorry about my stupid face overlooking things here, and I promise I will never use my name this many times in a post again. Now… let’s get the fuck back to it! 

More than six years after I was given an opportunity that nobody else would have ever given me, my time with theScore has come to an end. It was a decision made back during the summer, though the company was kind enough to keep me on through the end of the MLB season, so as not to throw the blog into total disarray amid the Jays’ ultimately futile playoff run. My final official day was October 31st, which is why I haven’t been able to post on the site since then, as many of you have noticed.

As of today the work I do has a new home, and you will now be able to find it all, exactly as you expect to see it here, at AndrewStoeten.com.

This is, as you might expect, a bittersweet day: bitter for the end of an era — I covered eight Blue Jays seasons under the DJF banner (and in two of them they managed to even finish third in the division!) — and to be moving on from the great people I’ve worked with for so long. But it’s a sweet day because of the opportunities that lie ahead and for the ability I now have to continue doing exactly what I’ve been doing on the site for all these years, and more.

Our podcasts will return, our comments section will shift back to Disqus as soon as possible, and our coverage of the upcoming GM Meetings and Winter Meetings will be as extensive as ever. So please, disable your adblocker, follow me on Twitter (@AndrewStoeten), and join me as the adventure continues.

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– If you would like to contact me regarding advertising opportunities at the new site, work opportunities, to pitch stories, or for anything else, you can do so at stoeten@gmail.com

Thanks again to theScore for an opportunity for which I’ll be forever grateful, and to everyone who has worked with us, contributed, commented, and read this site over the years despite all the profanity, snark, worse, and the somewhat regrettably-chosen name. I could reminisce a long, long time about all that, but why? I’ve got a Daily Duce to write…


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