Yet Another Player Who’d Like To See The Dome’s Artificial Surface Turfed

Dalton Pompey

There are plenty of great things happening with the Toronto Blue Jays right now. Much like the Josh Donaldson trade a week ago, the acquisition of Michael Saunders this week was a total coup — the club has now brought in a desperately needed left fielder, lefty bat, financial relief, and likely improves its rotation by moving J.A. Happ out of the way of either Aaron Sanchez or Dan Norris.

Naturally, though, people are still going to find things to complain about, and I wouldn’t exactly be doing my job if I didn’t highlight such things, even during what ought to be a pretty damn joyous time for fans of the Jays.

Especially when the complaints are coming from somewhere very important, like the club’s presumed starting centrefielder.

The issue? The Rogers Centre turf.

It is, of course, not the first time in the last two weeks that the issue has arisen. Melky Cabrera reportedly said that he preferred not to play on the turf, the implication being that it might have influenced his decision on whether or not to re-sign here (a report he and his agent, and Jose Bautista, quickly and vehemently denied). And, of course, Brett Lawrie — though his injury history involves more balls to the hand, falls down camera bays, and a WBC rib injury 3,000 km away from Toronto, than it does turf-related issues — wasn’t particularly kind to the playing surface during his introduction to the Oakland media.

But it turns out they’re not the only ones. In an interview this week on TSN 1050 Radio in Toronto, Dalton Pompey gave his assessment of what it’s like to play on that field, and it wasn’t particularly glowing, either.

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