Red Sox Land Wade Miley (Possibly?)


Ken Rosenthal tweets that Diamondbacks starter Wade Miley is on his way to Boston in exchange for Allan Webster and Rubby de la Rosa (though according to a tweet from Bob Nightengale, Dave Stewart — who is suddenly all reluctant to talk — says there’s no deal in place). Both prospects have struggled to find their feet in the big leagues, but perhaps especially intrigued Arizona because they came from the Dodgers, where Diamondbacks’ Senior VP De Jon Watson had them, as Jon Morosi points out.

They were nice pieces of depth for the Red Sox, but you can understand their moving them for a guy with a better track record. I mean, as much as talent and potential and projections mean a whole lot, when it’s your job on the line, and you truly expect results — as opposed than just hoping for them — there is value in knowing that someone has done it before. That’s something I think the Jays are thinking about in their quest for relief help too — they certainly could just collect cheap arms and hope for the best, but you understand the temptation to feel that much more comfortable.

But… um… exactly how much more comfortable is Boston going to be with Miley? I guess quite a bit — enough to part with the two arms, plus a third as-yet-unnamed prospect — but should they be?

I said on Twitter when this trade broke that I’ve learned my lesson about laughing at the Red Sox, so I’ll refrain from that, but… well… I can’t say I’m particularly nervous that, instead of Jon Lester, the durable left-hander who is now a member of Boston’s rotation is the guy who has been hit to the tune of .263/.324/.422 by right-handed hitters in his career (albeit while playing in a hitter-friendly home park).

I suspect Jose Bautista, Edwin Encarnacion, and Josh Donaldson aren’t particularly nervous about it either.

Which isn’t to say that Miley isn’t a nice piece — I wrote about Miley and the Jays this morning (and, for what it’s worth, didn’t see a fit if the starting point was going to be Dioner Navarro) and definitely highlighted some positive — It’s just… this could be fun.

And now Arizona has an extra arm, too — possibly making one of their relievers available (like Ziegler, who I wrote about earlier, or Addison Reed, who some readers pointed out).

So… there’s that.

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Diamondbacks GM Says Navarro Could Be A Fit


From Nick Piecoro of the Arizona Republic:

First off, as @House4545 astutely points out, uh… can he say that?

I mean, I know he’s not saying anything that anybody doesn’t already know, but I really don’t think he can talk about players under contract to other clubs like that.

Whatever the case, maybe this changes some of what I was talking about earlier today, when I wrote about Wade Miley.

Which isn’t to say that anybody — even someone catching-desperate and willing to admit he’s a fit — is going to see Navarro as comparable in value to a plough horse of a pitcher with three years of control still remaining. But maybe there’s something else on Arizona’s roster that could be a fit?

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Could The Jays Wade Into The Miley Market? (Ugh)


That “Ugh” was for the terrible title I’ve used here, but I suppose I could be referring to the idea that the Jays might be interested in Diamondbacks starter, too.

But they apparently are. Or at least were.

A Bob Elliott piece from the Toronto Sun on Monday offered a rather interesting tidbit: “Earlier this off-season, the Jays talked trade with the Arizona Diamondbacks, asking about right-hander Wade Miley and outfielder Mark Trumbo. The Jays wanted Miley (8-12, 4.34 in 33 starts, 2011/3 innings) as an upgrade for their rotation. They wanted Trumbo (.235 average, 14 homers, 61 RBIs) to flip to Seattle to acquire Michael Saunders. Arizona wanted young pitching in return.

That’s… interesting. Isn’t it? Especially that the Jays and Mariners would have opposing viewpoints on the value of Trumbo and Saunders — though you can maybe understand that, given their various needs.

As for Miley, there’s no suggestion that he was being looked at just to be flipped, so perhaps there is interest still there. And as I noted on Tuesday night, John Gibbons told reporters that the club is indeed still looking to upgrade its rotation.

And Miley may soon be on the move. Ken Rosenthal tweets that Arizona is receiving “substantial” enough offers to deal Miley, adding that the Red Sox and Marlins are interested.

You might think that with the Jays interest having come last week, and the offers now escalating, that there probably isn’t much to this idea — and you’d probably be right. But the Diamondbacks did just deal catcher Miguel Montero to the Cubs, and with one year of Dioner Navarro as a potential starting point, maybe there could be something there.

And it’s not like there aren’t things to like about Miley. He’s been extremely durable, he still has three years of control left, and has been worth eight wins over the last three years (though the bulk of that value came in his 4.4 win 2012 season). His walks rose a bit more than you’d like to see in 2014, but his strikeouts did too, and he projects to 2.3 fWAR according to Steamer.

In other words, there’s quite a bit of value there — which is exactly why Navarro is merely a starting point. If that. I mean, would the Diamondbacks even consider bothering with a catcher who can only help them in 2015? They’re going to need someone, I suppose, but let’s not get too fanciful here, eh? It’s not a fit without the Jays moving a whole lot more, at which point that probably stops being a fit.


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The Jays, Chapman, Cueto, Free-Agent-To-Be Starters And The Difficulty Of Lining Up


Johnny Kuato

Ken Rosenthal reported earlier today that the Reds are getting interest on guys like Johnny Cueto and Aroldis Chapman (MLBTR has the particulars), and this possibility, naturally, has a lot of Jays fans excited.

Every year with this “take someone expensive off the Reds” pipe dream, eh?

But maybe this year it makes a little more sense than usual.

The Reds took a step backwards last year when they truly needed to take a step forward, given their market size and their payroll structure going forward. MLBTR has a good breakdown in their Offseason Outlook piece on them, reminding us that Joey Votto, Brandon Phillips, Homer Bailey, and Jay Bruce have big, guaranteed contract on the books, and that Cueto, Alfredo Simon, Mat Latos, and Mike Leake will be eligible for free agency after the 2015 season.

Richard Griffin notes this in his latest for the Toronto Star, and — more importantly — notes that Alex Anthopoulos has recognized it too.

“The Jays believe that within two years, the starting rotation will be overflowing with pitchers from within the organization,” he writes. “So if they want to compete in 2015, they have to find at least one short-term starter and maybe a solid reliever who is set for free agency in one year — six seasons in the majors — and trade for them with a team that either can’t afford the contract or has other needs.”

Problem is, what are you trading in order to get those sorts of pieces?

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Elliott: Royals Would Want Norris In Potential Greg Holland Deal


“I’m told the guy they want is Norris.”

That quote is from the Toronto Sun’s Bob Elliott in a segment the Fan 590 on Monday evening, referring to what the Kansas City Royals would need to receive in return for closer Greg Holland.

It’s an exorbitant price, to be sure. Norris is six years from free agency and will find himself having rocketed up the year-end top prospects lists for 2015 after having a spectacular season in the minors, restoring the shine that was on him as an amateur prospect — he was the “tough sign” consolation prize that it appeared the Jays inked after their dealings with Tyler Beede fell apart — and then some.

But Norris is ready, or very close, to being able to pitch in a big league rotation — Elliott, in fact, said later during the segment that Alex Anthopoulos told reporters yesterday that Norris could win the club’s fifth starter spot over Aaron Sanchez if he outpitches him in the spring — and with all the talk this week about the future of this organization, and the possibility of Alex Anthopoulos soon having another set of eyes looking over his shoulder, you start to wonder if the all-in calculation might be changing more than we’re letting ourselves believe.

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