One Year After Josh Johnson, Morrow Too Is Going Jackin’ It In San Diego


Brandon Morrow has followed in the illustrious footsteps of former teammate Josh Johnson and, according to a tweet from’s Corey Brock, signed a one-year deal with the San Diego Padres.

It’s a deal that makes complete sense, in that this is exactly the kind of thing that pitchers trying to rebuild some value do — even if, y’know, these pillow deals never seem to work out, and even if they do, it’s not like clubs aren’t going to look at any success he might have in spacious Petco Park as somewhat suspicious.

The Padres had opportunity to offer him. They could also offer the chance to live in San Diego and pitch a whole lot (provided he is actually able to stay on the field) in some really friendly environments. Perhaps most crucially, according to a follow-up tweet from Brock, it’s an incentive-laden deal — something the Blue Jays don’t do, as noted by Jeff Blair here.

Brock tells us that Morrow will make a base salary of $2.5-million, with incentives that could add another $5-million if he starts, or another $1-million if he ends up in the bullpen, which means San Diego has a nice little low-risk, high-reward contract on its hands (though the fact that the contract is low risk doesn’t mean there isn’t still genuine risk that he gives them nothing).

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Jays Un-Non-Tender Smoak

Well here’s something: the Jays have announced that they have signed Justin Smoak to a one-year deal for $1-million. So… so much for them recognizing he’s terrible, eh?

Maybe they feel alright going with him at first because of whispers that a lefty- or switch-hitting solution in left is coming.

Or perhaps because Smoak put up a 137 wRC+ against right-handers in 2013.

Smoak himself, or a first base platoon of Smoak and Danny Valencia, with Smoak — if he doesn’t show much — being supplanted a bunch of times by Reyes, Martin, and Bautista in the DH spot? You could do worse.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a little underwhelming. It’s just…one-million is better than three-million, I guess, right?

I should probably have more to say about this, but… well… here we are.

Saturday Threat: Holy shit, we won!

Everybody see that last night? Holy fuck, what a game! We only score two runs but it’s all good cause Cecil doesn’t give up any runs on only four hits in six innings work and then our bullpen is kinda nails with Downs looking just as he did before the trying to hit a dinger incident. We’re .500, baby! Playoffs!

Really, it’s amazing what a win will do for morale.

Working on a bit better of an excuse for a post for tomorrow so apologies for this piece of shit game threat. But really, yesterday we miss a game threat and they win so go figure. Maybe we should cut these out already.

While you wait for Ricky Romero to pitch his sixth straight win, you might want to read about what Arnsberg had to say about the release of B.J. Ryan. The Post’s John Lott really nailed the emotional side of the story with his report. Get through that without shedding a tear and you’re not human. Or just not too impressed that the guy is getting $15 million to not do anything. Cray me a river, indeed.

Happy Saturday night. Go Jays!

Toronto Blue Jays

Scutaro – ss
Hill – 2b
Lind – dh
Rolen – 3b
Wells – cf
Rios – rf
Millar – 1b
Barajas – c
Bautista – lf

Baltimore Orioles

Roberts – 2b
Jones – cf
Markakis – rf
Huff – dh
Wigginton – 1b
Scott – lf
Mora – 3b
Wieters – c
Andino – ss

Game Threat: Jays (43-43) @ Rays (46-39)

Ugggggggghhhhhhh. I don’t want to talk about it.

(Except to say that, yes, the Jays have a 12:08 start today. And no, fucking Sportsnet couldn’t be bothered to show it.)

Roy Halladay vs. David Price is your pitching matchup.

Toronto Blue Jays

J. Bautista 3b
A. Hill 2b
A. Lind lf
K. Millar dh
V. Wells cf
A. Rios rf
L. Overbay 1b
R. Barajas c
J. McDonald ss

Tampa Bay Rays

B.J. Upton cf
C. Crawford lf
E. Longoria 3b
C. Pena 1b
B. Zobrist 2b
P. Burrell dh
G. Gross rf
J. Bartlett ss
M. Hernandez c