Toritani Decision Soon, Offers Likely One Year Plus Option


By way of the outstanding NPB resource Yakubaka, we have some additional details beyond what was mentioned in the Presented Without Comment… post from last night on Hanshin Tigers shortstop (who would move to second base in North America) Takashi Toritani.

To wit:

Takashi Toritani is expected to give the Hanshin Tigers his final decision during their next meeting. He is said to be talking to the Toronto Blue Jays and San Diego Padres. Both teams might be willing to sign him to an MLB contract, but neither will likely go more than a year with a team option. Source: Sanspo 12/15/2014

Well that’s certainly not the three-year, $10-million deal that earlier reports out of Japan were saying would be required to pry him away from Hanshin — where, as I noted in a post on Saturday, his salary was ¥300-million, which works out to a little over $2.5-million US dollars.

Which isn’t to say that it’s necessarily an unfair offer. As much as I’m intrigued by the unknown and the improved plate discipline seen in his numbers over the past couple of seasons, let’s not go thinking the Jays would be getting a saviour if they add this guy to their second base mix.

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Hear This: Talkin’ Jays On The Radio – 12/15/14


Melky Cabrera has defected to the Chicago White Sox, and in less than a month since the Blue Jays’ big free agent splash on Russell Martin, and their subsequent acquisition of Josh Donaldson, fans are starting to wonder again just what the hell is going on with payroll.

These topics are what I covered in a segment this morning on TSN Radio 1050 here in Toronto, on Macko And Cauz. Plus heteronyms, and so much more!

Have a listen to the segment here.

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White Sox Sign Melky Cabrera To A Three-Year Deal

Melky-KeithAllison (3)

Prepare for certain Jays fans to lose their minds: Melky Cabrera is going to the Chicago White Sox.

Or so tweets Bruce Levine of Chicago’s 670 The Score, who says that it’s a three-year deal, pending a physical. No dollar figure has been reported just yet (Update:’s Scott Merkin tweets that his colleague, Jesse Sanchez, has been informed that the deal is between $42- and $43.5-million), but that no team was willing to go to four years, and that Melky was willing to settle on three and not keep waiting, maybe says something about the soft market for his service — one that said certain Jays fans will be upset that the team didn’t get harder in on, despite the fact that they already have filled his position much more cheaply, and with a player who has been more valuable on a per-plate-appearance basis, and that Melky has a say in it too.

Even if the Jays were close, if you’re Melky, do you want to bash about on the Rogers Centre turf for three years before hitting free agency again at age-33? Probably not.

It was a good run here — especially 2014 — and a good bit of business that Alex Anthopoulos did in taking a chance on Cabrera the way that he did coming off his P.E.D. suspension in 2012, but he just wasn’t as invaluable to the club as a lot of folks want to believe. A really good player, mind you, but one whose defence and base running pissed away enough of the value of his bat to make him, in the overall, not quite as great as just the offensive statistics alone made him look.

Which isn’t to say that the Jays wouldn’t have been better off bringing him back — they certainly would be — it’s just not as bad as it seems. Nor was it their choice anyway (theoretically, at least, though they did choose to not offer him enough money above and beyond his value to make him change his mind).

And this, of course, means that the Jays have added back a decent draft pick — it will fall between the end of the first round and the beginning of Competitive Balance Round A (which precedes the second round) — after having lost theirs for signing Russell Martin.

All that simmering down stuff said, though, it really sort of does look like a pretty damn nice deal for Chicago, and one the Jays probably ought to have been in on, Saunders or not. If, y’know, the money was there to do it — COUGH — and everything else they still need to do. COUGH COUGH

But before you get too conspiratorial about it, so should a bunch of other teams at that price, no?

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