Olney Pours Gasoline On Duquette Fire, Reports Jeff Hoffman Has Been Discussed As Compensation


Here we go again…

Jim Bowden of ESPN tweeted just after noon on Thursday that he had “just heard from a source that Dan Duquette’s move from Baltimore to Toronto is getting close and going to happen.”

What’s that, now?

Not long after, Buster Olney laid this on us:

Sheer fucking insanity.

Of course, the Blue Jays baseball people would never be so monumentally stupid, but the fear, of course, is that the baseball people aren’t really involved here.

True, a name having been “discussed” doesn’t mean that the Jays would automatically acquiesce to such ridiculousness, but we sure as fuck would feel more comfortable if the one being tossed out there wasn’t the Jays’ most recent top pick — a pitcher many say would have been considered to go first overall had he not had Tommy John surgery prior to the draft.

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The Daily Duce: Wednesday, January 21st



Uh… how about we keep Beeston, actually. Beeston has pushed for a “40,000 seat Milwaukee-style stadium,” said Bob McCown on his radio show, in the segment following the one in which he reported that the club president will stay on for another season. “But when they build a new stadium they don’t get anything back from the old stadium” because they don’t own the land,” he continued. “That’s the problem.” (I actually hate the idea of the stadium being in a different location, to be honest, so I’m not crying over this one, personally.)

I get the sense that Jayson Stark of ESPN.com doesn’t think the Jays are going to land James Shields. He writes: “If the price tag is still $110 million or even close, you can bet your copy of the Life and Times of Dave Stieb that Shields won’t be a Blue Jay. They have only $5 million-$6 million left in the budget, and they’ve prioritized bullpen shopping over any other item on the shelves. OK, so it would be accurate to say they’ve kicked around whether they’d be interested if the price tag dropped dramatically. But there’s no indication they’ve even made contact with Shields’ agent. So essentially, the only way this guy will wind up in Toronto is if he comes to the Jays and says, ‘I’ve always wanted to pitch off the same mound where Juan Guzman once pitched.’ Or something like that.” Point taken.

So… remember that Johan Santana thing yesterday? Well, Jon Morosi tweets that Santana will miss his next start due to shoulder tightness. Though he adds that an MRI on Johan’s shoulder revealed no structural damage. So… that’s good?

“There’s no doubt” that getting away from the Rogers Centre’s artificial turf will help him, Colby Rasmus said to reporters in Houston on Wednesday, including Evan Drellich of the Houston Chronicle. “That turf is rough on your body, especially when you’re playing 50-some games in a row. It can grind on you. I was definitely playing hard, I was diving on that turf. As we know, our pitching staff — I’m not trying to throw no rocks here — our pitching staff struggled at times, so I was on that field a lot running around. Sometimes I don’t think that was credited as much as I feel it should have been.”

If you don’t follow the official @BlueJays Twitter account, now is probably the time to do so, as they’re retweeting all kinds of stuff from the winter tour, which currently has Marcus Stroman, Kevin Pillar, et al, in Banff. Turns out the Jays’ young players are all pretty amazingly likeable.

Speaking of: I so want travel tips from Dan Norris, who once again is making his way to Dunedin from his home in Johnson City, TN, in a Volkswagen van — a trip that, according to an MiLB.com profile, is (mildly) displeasing to Blue Jays. “They’ve kind of said, ‘Well, OK, but we don’t get it,’ and I’m kind of like, ‘I don’t expect you to get it — that’s OK.'” Awesome. I say fuck ‘em, Dan. Do what you do.

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Beeston To Stay For 2015, New Team President For 2016: McCown


The Beest is back?

According to several reports on Twitter, Bob McCown told his listeners on the Fan 590 this afternoon that Paul Beeston will remain the president of the Blue Jays in 2015, and that a new president will take over in 2016.

Thus ends the Dan Duquette saga?

If it’s true, you’d sort of think so, wouldn’t you? At least for now. The Orioles certainly aren’t going to let a guy run their club for a whole season with it already set that he’s coming to a rival for 2016, right?

So… it’s over? Probably? Maybe?

I don’t know. Sure, let’s say it is.

Here’s my latest on it, regardless.

Image via @James_in_TO/Flickr

Duquette Saga: Have You Almost Figured It Out Yet, Peter Angelos?


As if I wasn’t going to use this gem again…

At no point did it make sense that the Orioles had the sort of massive leverage in the Dan Duquette discussions that their fans, and Buster Olney, seemed to want to believe existed. Ken Rosenthal touched on the idea in his Wednesday morning piece at Just A Bit Outside, while Shi Davidi gets straight to the nut in his latest at Sportsnet.

Dan Connolly of the Baltimore Sun maintained yesterday that “the precedent for the trade of an executive has been a lower-tier player or cash or both” and “that’s not going to get it done this time. For Angelos to relent on his public statements and let Duquette out of his contract, it would take a landmark return. Think an established major leaguer or two or some other mind-blowing package. And it’s exceptionally unlikely the Blue Jays would acquiesce.”

He’s right on the last point, but there appear to be cracks in the foundation of his first one, in spite of the fact that, as he claims, “for Angelos to come out publicly twice in six weeks and vehemently declare that Duquette will remain with the Orioles speaks volumes.”

“It would be surprising if Angelos backpedaled from those statements just to get a better prospect from Toronto,” Connolly continues. “He has built a reputation for standing by his words and beliefs — even if they are unpopular.”

Except, then why hasn’t this process played out in the same way as it did with Ken Williams of the White Sox?

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Colby Rasmus Was Always Looking For Something, But Never Found It


The Colby Rasmus era probably deserves more reflection from this corner than yesterday’s Presented Without Comment… post, and there may be no more perfect way to do so than in the above image, which comes from the outstanding Cespedes Family BBQ.

Colby is a fascinating figure, and not just because of the contrasts in his embrace of ruralness as he tried to find his way in a world of millionaires and an especially cosmopolitan city. He lamented to Houston reporters, including Evan Drellich, on Wednesday morning that “in Toronto, you got a little bitty garage,” which… yeah, if you live in one of our many delightful waterfront future-ghettos, as we know from the awesome “home field advantage” video that Colby did.

There’s a big city out there. A big region. Shit, I remember when the trade first happened: it was so long ago that I hadn’t yet unfollowed Chris Jones on Twitter, and he made some flaccid crack about there not being any mud boggin’ and good ol’ boys around these parts. I was like, dude, you’re in Port Hope. Drive about six clicks north and have a look around.

That is to say: it wasn’t necessarily from a lack of options that Colby didn’t find what he was looking for, just as with his swing, as we can see above. One looks at those images and wonders, though, how much he was really searching for an answer, and how much he was hoping that an answer would find him.

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